Heirloom Portraits


Here is an outline of the procedure to make it clear and easy to navigate for both of us.


The portrait procedure begins with a photo shoot. I will come to your home to take photos on an agreed upon date and time. We will discuss the size and format of your portrait before I begin taking pictures. I will have you sign our agreement at the time of the photo shoot, and also take a 30% deposit.

After I have reviewed and analyzed the photographs, we will choose together the image(s) that you would like me to work from for your portrait. At that time, I will give you an idea of when to expect the portrait to be completed and delivered.

The final step is delivery of your portrait to your home. Final payment of the portrait balance is due upon delivery of your portrait.

Photo Session:

The photo shoot will take approximately one hour. Since children often become stiff or stilted when a parent is hovering nearby, I ask that you give us some distance during the actual photographing. You’re welcome to watch from a window if we are photographing outside, or quietly listen in from an adjacent room. My portraits generally feature serious faces since big smiles narrow the eyes.


I suggest your child wear clothing that is comfortable for them, and that is timeless, such as solid colored dresses, jeans or khakis and solid colored T-shirts. Trendy clothing will date your portrait. Dressy clothes may inhibit your child’s personality, but the level of formality is up to you. Barefooted can be very charming, but if you prefer your child not be barefooted, that is fine.


If you child has a favorite toy, stuffed animal, book or other object, feel free to have it at the ready for the photo shoot. Props often lead to getting very natural expressions or gestures.


All portraits are delivered framed, and the price of framing is included in the price of your portrait. The portrait will be matted with a white or neutral mat and framed with glass in a simple but elegant wood molding that best enhances the portrait.