Paint Color Consulting and Portraits

Paint Color Consulting - Before You Paint - for Homes and Businesses

Prevent expensive mistakes by contacting me Before you Paint. I will help you design a color plan for the inside or outside of your house or business, using decades of color study and experience. Color has a feeling as well as temperature. It creates coziness, interest. Warms and cools interact with each other to form a cohesive whole that is pleasing to the eye and delightful and satisfying to live with. Free 30 minute phone consult to discuss the project before scheduling. References available. Contact me by phone or via the form below to set up a consult.

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Portrait Painting and Drawings in Pastel and Charcoal

I paint portraits of children, grandchildren, adults, family pets, homes, or from your old family photos, so that you can have an heirloom quality piece of art for your home. 

My passion for art goes all the way back to childhood. I completed my BFA in fashion design and worked in the field in the bay area. I drew the figure and portrait in classes for many years. Since 2005 I've been working in pastel. Not only does pastel offer the immediacy of drawing, it also has the fluidity and blocking in of painting. The colors are rich and, because of the softness of the stick, applies in a lush and exciting way. The colors are mixed when another color is applied on top, and can be removed easily with a brush if you want to change areas. 

A charcoal portrait is a variety of blacks and grays with varying soft and sharp lines to define the face of the subject, using black pan pastel, charcoal pencils, and stick charcoal. I love the drama and simplicity of the range of blacks.

A passion for drawing and color is the basis of my work, and I have a love for the artists Edgar Degas and Mary Cassatt, who employed a strong drafting quality in their work. I feel a strong connection to painting people, animals, interiors and street scenes. I work from life, or take photographs of my subjects to paint from, mainly in the California San Francisco bay area where I live, creating a personal connection to all of my work.

 All images are original and as the artist I retain the rights to the original and digital images. 

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